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Role: Trustee (Fundraising)

About the role:

Katapult Kilimanjaro is currently looking for a creative and motivated person (ideally located in the Hertfordshire area or Bristol where the organisation’s trustees are based) to become a trustee. The main responsibilities of this role would be to contribute to Katapult Kilimanjaro developing an innovative fundraising strategy and implementing it.

How will you benefit:

Experience in the third sector working for an exciting young charity

Develop contacts in the international development field

Opportunities to travel out to Kilimanjaro and meet field partners

Time commitments:

The trustees meet once every 2 weeks (via Skype call) and once every 3 months for a full day (at the weekend)

1-2 hours maximum per week outside of trustee meetings

Fundraising in the UK: Our local partner KEDA (Kilimanjaro Environmental Development Association) have the knowledge and relationships with local communities to address local issues. However, they lack the clout to apply for funding as a result of not being able to meet legal requirements. We work on behalf of KEDA to assist in applying for funding sources.

Building partnerships: Being isolated in rural Tanzania, with limited international communications, KEDA struggle to promote themselves and reach out to a wide audience of people and organisations that may be able to provide financial and technical support. Katapult Kilimanjaro helps KEDA establish long-lasting partnerships with organisations and individuals in the UK for fundraising and technical assistance.

Focusing on sustainability: Under previous funding many local projects have failed to be sustainable marked by dependence on external funding to continue to run. We believe that in order to address this, projects require an enterprising approach to ensure longevity and business acumen to achieve this.


Lead on developing creative, high impact and low cost fundraising ideas

Contribute to developing a fundraising strategy and fundraising events

Support establishment of formal links with potential donors and small businesses engaged in corporate social responsibility

Explore new possibilities for raising funds including crowd funding, corporate partnerships and social enterprises linked with our field partners

Work with the trustee team to develop Katapult Kilimanjaro’s online fundraising profile

How to apply:

If interested please email with your CV and a very short paragraph outlining your interest in getting involved. The trustees will then arrange a Skype interview with interested individuals.



Role: Student Fundraising Team Member

Time commitment: 2 hours max per week and a group meeting every 2 weeks

About the role:

Katapult Kilimanjaro is a UK based organisation established to support the work of KEDA (Kilimanjaro Environmental Development Association) a small grass roots organisation based in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. KEDA was founded in 1992 by three local residents, who after retiring as government workers and returned to their communities saw the high levels of poverty and environmental degradation decided to utilise their skills and expertise to better their local communities. Since its foundation KEDA has sought to address environmental and social issues through a number of projects including; distributing livestock to poor households, establishing tree nurseries to address local deforestation, educating local farmers about the benefits of organic agriculture and assisting families affected by HIV.

Katapult Kilimanjaro’s aim is to support KEDA in areas such as developing projects, fundraising and promoting KEDA. We are currently looking for a team of students to assist us fundraise for a dairy distribution scheme that will aim to provide a source of income for 60 poor households in the Kilimanjaro region.

How to apply

If you are interested in this opportunity please contact us at